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 CBD for cold symptoms?


During winter, coughs and colds affect most of us. Although the viruses that cause them are difficult to cure. There are many ways to use cannabis to relieve symptoms. See how to incorporate cannabis into your diet and your health care habits to prevent and treat colds!

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The cold is a highly contagious viral illness that has the possibility of affecting people significantly during winter seasons. Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief. The Symptoms including dry or chesty cough, congestion or runny nose, sore throat, fever and fatigue symptoms caused by cold viruses

Cold viruses are transmitted from person to person through direct hand contact, hand-to-surface contact, and airborne movement of virus particles. It is therefore essential to cover the mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing, and wash your hands regularly!

When the cold virus has infected a human host, it goes to work - it infiltrates the nose's mucous membranes, mouth, and throat where it breeds quickly. Overall, cold viruses such as rhinovirus do not cause any particular bodily harm, besides the body's immune response to unwanted invaders exploiting its resources. A single infection does not cause the common cold. It is instead associated with nearly 200 different viral strains.

It is almost inevitable that one of these 200 viruses will sooner or later circumvent the defense systems of our body and cause a cold or cough. When this happens, there is little we can do to treat the ailment - there are so many cold viruses and so fast mutations that it is almost impossible to develop antivirals and effective vaccines.

When we catch a cold, we have no choice but to let the virus run its course and feel considerably weaker for several days. There are, however, various ways to relieve the symptoms of colds and coughs - for example, honey, gargle salt, drops of saline, ibuprofen, or paracetamol may provide antiseptic, analgesic, or anti-inflammatory benefits. -inflammatory.

What about cannabis? There is much evidence indicating that cannabis compounds have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

The THC, CBG, CBD, and CBC are all known to affect various degrees of anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, and many terpenes and terpenoid present in cannabis such as linalool, limonene, and eucalyptol, have similar properties.

 Colds often cause nasal congestion, sinus pain, sore throat, dry or chest cough, and eye irritation - and smoking any substance does not improve any of these symptoms. Even vaping or dabbing would probably make sore throats and cough worse - although these methods do not burn or irritate the airway or smoke.

For this reason, it is best to stick to tropical/edible products and any other product that will not irritate the throat and lungs. Cannabis vs mental health medication. Hard candies with CBD or THC can relieve inflammation and throat pain. At least one American company, Jolly Meds, offers CBD and THC lozenges with menthol and eucalyptus oils to increase soothing and decongestant effects.

How to prevent and eliminate algae in the hot tub water

In all the places where water is stored, there is a risk of algae being produced. Algae are a diverse group of unicellular or multicellular organisms that may be present in the soil, air, vegetation and even in water. They have the appearance of plants, possess chlorophyll and have the capacity to perform oxygenated photosynthesis, which allows them to be created and maintained easily in almost any environment.

Despite being a natural element, seaweed causes certain problems in the water that make us want to get rid of it at the precise moment in which it appears. Its formation can dye water of green giving an unpleasant and unhygienic aspect. In addition, it produces an odor that spreads easily in the area and contaminates the water. It should be noted that, in many cases, the appearance of algae is linked to the lack of water or poor container maintenance, which may represent a risk to the health of people.

However, there are many methods that allow us to prevent and even eliminate the proliferation of algae. These methods will depend on the amount of water you are working with, the environment in which it is and the time that the algae had to accumulate and spread.

How to prevent the creation and proliferation of algae?

It should be noted that algae can be formed in any environment and any type of water, be it freshwater or sea water and they may appear due to rain fall, leaves, sand or any other type of transmitter. As the main element for their formation is waste, we must be very attentive to its cleaning on a regular basis and perform a process of periodic water purification with the appropriate sanitizers. For that reason, the surface of the pool or tub, in addition to its walls, floors, stairs and other elements; should be kept as neat as possible. For this, a good filtration process must be carried out and, in the same way, the pump and the pipes must be maintained in optimum conditions.

It is also required to control the pH and chlorine level of the water, the first one is very important because if the levels of acidity of the water are maladjusted, the chemicals to clean the water of the tubs or pools lose their effect and, therefore, they cannot eliminate the spores or algae formed.

On the other hand, in spite of being very cautious and trying to avoid their formation, algae can appear, that is why we also have several tips that can help you eliminate it, to achieve that, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Rub or brush hard the walls and floor of the tub or pool. This will allow the algae to be detached, which will help to make the treatment faster and more effective. It is also important to check the stairs, steps and rails to clear the algae from the pool as much as possible.
  2. Check the chemical status of the water. In this way, you will know the levels of PH and chlorine to know with what chemicals you can work with and the necessary quantities of each one. Adjust the PH if necessary.
  3. Make sure that the filter and the pump are clean and in perfect condition to obtain a greater filtration and water purification.
  4. Choose a chlorine shock product and add it. For this, you should choose a more powerful type of chlorine than the one that is generally used and add a higher amount than which is customarily applied to completely eliminate algae present in the water.
  5. Turn on the filter and the pump. In this case, these elements must be left to act for 24 hours to achieve depth filtering.
  6. Check the chemical status of the water the next day and finally use a vacuum cleaner for a hot tub or pool to get rid of the dead seaweed.

It is noteworthy to know that after following these steps, it is important to wait until the chlorine level falls to be able to submerge in the water again. Remember that the prevention and treatment of bacteria or other elements harmful to health is important.

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