Women’s Issues

Understanding Women’s Issues Better Than Ever!

Women have been an instrumental part in the evolution of the world yet the importance that they are subjected to is negligible in the society. They have always been struggling to make their voices heard be it the field of politics, education, sports or any other genre. Women have always been taken for granted as the significant role they play in the society has always been overlooked. Every day you read about women’s issues in the newspapers and magazines but those printed words are merely left alone there to go in the dumps.

women’s issues

There have been several women’s issues that need to be addressed like women’s health issues or issues about woman suffrage and their education as well as safety. It is very important for the society to change their perceptions about women and perceive them as equals to the men. A nation runs on a balanced economy and if any one of the contributors of the economy fails, then the entire nation fails as a result. At a pace where everyone is progressing in this 21st century, it is important for everyone to rid of the dogma that is hindering the advancement of the nation towards a healthier one.

A healthy woman breeds a healthy family:

India has been a Nation where women are not given the basic rights of a healthy environment. The medical facilities have not at all been appropriate in the rural areas and there is a dearth of good hospitals where everyone can be meted out an equal and affordable treatment. A woman has been gifted with the boon of evolving new life inside her and hence when a women’s health is at risk then her children indirectly too become prone to such risks. Malnutrition due to poverty is one of the leading causes due to which women face complications during pregnancy.

Not having a proper diet also increases the risk of anaemia in women due to lack of iron in the diet. Besides that, women should also get clean and hygienic sanitation facilities especially in villages and semi-rural areas because this prevents the chances of a lot of infections in women.

A woman has to be mentally and physically prepared to be able to give birth to a child because young females giving birth with several complications take a toll on their health as well. This leads to a lot of unlikely hormonal changes and mental trauma or depression at a very tender age. Therefore, gender sensitivity has to be adhered to at the earliest possible manner. And provisions for women health clinic should be made all over the nation even in the remote areas to ensure that no woman is deprived of good health care amenities.

Other health related problems

Today there is increasing thyroid issues in women. Thyroid is a gland situated in the neck that is responsible for producing the hormones which are essential for maintaining the metabolism in the body. If there is some thyroid disorder in your body then you will come across symptoms like:

  • xcessive weight loss or weight gain
  • Irritation and stress or anxiety
  • Hairfall issues
  • Shaky fingers
  • Irregular menstrual flows
  • Untimely cravings
  • Lethargy and sweating
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns

There are many more symptoms but these are the most common ones that becomes noticeable so you must consult your doctor immediately. A thyroid disorder can even go to extremes like it can lead to goiter or thyroid cancer. An early prevention is necessary than those hefty medical bills adding up to your woes. So get your blood tests done regularly and maintain a healthy diet and workout schedule because thyroid problems invite a lot of other diseases hampering the immunity of your body.

How to address women’s issues?

The first and the foremost task that needs to be done is spreading awareness. Awareness makes the society enlightened about what is right and what is not. It justifies its point of view and aims to change the attitude of people in the society. Then an organization or commission should be formed that adheres to strict rules and regulations while dealing with these issues and the necessary follow ups should be taken so that there are actual outcomes and solutions. The final step is implementation because merely passing laws and not abiding by them is not going to make a difference.

A Right to Vote for all:

If you refer to the history then you can see that in the earlier times women were not given the right to vote. After a lot of strugglewoman suffragecame into existence which basically means giving the right to a woman to cast her vote during the electoral events. This was necessary to bring out the much needed equality in the society. It gave them a say in choosing how they would want their government to be.

The need for the hour to deal with issues revolving around women:

You can always question that why suddenly it is the need for the hour to be concerned so much about the women’s issues? Then the answer to this would be that these issues have always been demanding attention but it is only now that realization has dawned upon everyone. Women have always proved that when they are given opportunities they too are equally competent to men. Thus now those women who were earlier confined within the four walls of the kitchen are breaking those walls to explore what the world has to offer to them.